A Year in the Life of a Farmer – A Video

We started seeding today.

The beginning of seeding is always complicated, frustrating, and nerve-wracking. The final push to get the last details in place, getting logistics organized, getting used to being out in the field again, it’s all hard to manage. Complicating that in 2023 is the extremely wet conditions we’re faced with this year. May 8th is a late start for us, and honestly, we should probably wait a few more days yet. But the calendar says it’s time to go.

But, despite it all, seeding is one of the most exciting times of the year; the opportunity to play another hand with Mother Nature, the promise that each new crop year brings, is deeply exhilarating.

Farming isn’t only about the cool equipment, though, or even about the pretty crops.

It’s about families. It’s about generations. It’s about building a legacy.

Maybe drone videos have become a cliche these days. I still love them. And my kids love watching them. And what better way is there to celebrate the start of a new crop year than to review the highlights of the last one? So, here it is: my drone and photo collage from our 2022 crop year. Credit to my sister, Sarah, for many of the photos.

Watch the video to the end to see what I mean about legacy (if you prefer to watch on YouTube, click here).

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