About Me

My name is Jake Leguee, and I am a 3rd-generation farmer from southern Saskatchewan, Canada. I farm with several family members, and we grow canola, durum, wheat, lentils, peas and flax.

I’ve been involved in the agriculture industry for many years, and in that time, I’ve met farmers from around the world and I’ve conversed with policy makers and leadership at all levels. I’ve learned that less than 3% of Canadians farm, and most of them are unable to find good information on what farmers do and why they do it.

This blog is about having a conversation. As a farmer, I will share my views on the challenges we face as a society, with the perspective of someone who makes his living from Mother Nature and world markets dominated by economics, politics , and human emotion. In the past, I’ve written about GMOs, crop protection products, and the life of a farmer. Today, I’ll be sharing my perspective, and hoping to have conversations about how we can make things better.

I don’t profess to be an expert on anything – but, as a farmer, I think my perspective will be interesting to you.

Check back here monthly to see new content.

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