Winter Returns

My last post, published only last night, was written too soon. Winter has returned, and with a vengeance. After the rain and thunderstorms last night, who could have expected that we would wake up to a white coating of atrocious wet, deep snow that measures at least 6 inches in depth. Many highways are closed, the grid roads that only just became dry and clear again are layered in snow and mud, and the fields are covered again in white.

This is like some sort of sick joke, a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. A few minutes ago I almost believed for a moment that it was some sort of horrible dream, a reminder of the hurt of the 2011 crop year, a punishment for my futile belief that we could seed our crop in good time this year, a slap in the face for the hope that 2011 was behind us.

It is not a dream, but a frustrating reality that I cannot escape from, and every look out my window further deepens my mounting anger and fury that Mother Nature has once again struck us with a blow that we cannot withstand. When will we be given our chance? When will we be given an opportunity to do what we love to do? I can’t go another year without a crop, without something to tend to and help grow.

I am not trying to sound defeatist, nor am I trying to imply that I am the only one dealt this kick to the stomach. No, I am all too aware that this storm has covered a great deal of the southeast of this province, and while misery may love company, this knowledge does not help my black mood this morning.

I know what you are wondering. Will you still be able to get a crop in the ground? Yesterday, I stated unequivocally yes. Today, my opinion has changed. The truth is, I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Note: if it looks like this post is written in continuation of another post, it is. Another one was written that for whatever reason was lost while I tried to publish it. Hopefully you can understand it without the previous article!

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