Jake Leguee Gives a Perspective from Modern Farming – a Podcast

How do we solve agriculture’s – and society’s – greatest challenges?

By talking to each other – and listening.

Oliver Goshey and I had a conversation about what modern agriculture looks like on a Canadian farm like mine. You might expect his podcast, Regenerative Skills, to talk with farmers with a different perspective than my own. But, while Oliver and I don’t agree on everything, we found a lot of common ground in our conversation. Agriculture encompasses so much diversity, from greenhouse operations, to dairy, to poultry, to large-scale grain farming, and each segment is incredibly hyper-local in their challenges and opportunities. We should always keep that in mind when trying to be prescriptive to other farmers. Oliver and I share the same hope for farming: leaving things better than we found them.

I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation. Find it on Spotify, iTunes, or his website by clicking here.

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